Tessa Morris-Suzuki: To the Diamond Mountains and Beyond

In this second episode of the Tianxia Podcast Series, we will take you on a trip through time in the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ of North Korea with Tessa Morris-Suzuki. Tessa is Professor of Japanese History, but she has wide-ranging research interests related to the societies, cultures, and economies of the countries in Northeast Asia. In this episode, we focus on two aspects of her work: firstly we discuss her book To the Diamond Mountains, a travelogue based on a trip undertaken by Tessa in Northeast China, and North and South Korea, following the steps of Emily Kemp, a writer who visited the area back in 1910. We then move on to her current project on survival politics and grassroots movements in the remaking of Northeast Asia.


1. [01:26] Northeast Asia: An Unfamiliar Concept
2. [05:19] Time-Travelling to the Diamond Mountains
3. [12:06] The Hermit Kingdom Today
4. [26.26] Survival Politics and Guerrilla Markets

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Additional Resources:

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– Tessa Morris-Suzuki, ‘To the Diamond Mountains: A Hundred Year Journey through China and Korea, 1910-2010’, The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, vol. 8 n. 1, 2010, read at this link.

– Tessa Morris-Suzuki, ‘Rethinking the Cultural Politics of Globalisation: Where Do We Go from Here?’ Chinoiresie Essays, 29 August 2016, read at this link.


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