Call for Papers: Special Issue of Made in China on the Labour Movement in the Era of Xi

The editorial team of Made in China is now inviting submissions for a special issue on the Chinese labour movement in the era of Xi Jinping to be published in July 2018.

The Chinese labour movement has witnessed significant developments in the last decade. However, following the upsurge of labour protests between the mid-2000s ​and​ mid-2010s that promised a growing and more self-confident movement, the effects of economic slowdown and civil society tightening​ ​have thrown ​the movement into ​a state of ​uncertainty and disorientation.

China’s labour movement has once again found itself at an impasse. This special issue seeks to understand the current conjuncture by inviting critical evaluation of the years of labour movement upsurge as a way of developing informed analysis of trends and possibilities for the future from both scholars and practitioners.

We welcome submissions that address current issues and trends, such as worker activism, forms and strategies of strike and protest, the labour and industrial relations system, labour law and policy, trade union reform, workplace labour regimes, capital relocation, working class culture, urbanisation and worker housing, labour in service and logistics, gender and workplace discrimination, the development of class consciousness, labour solidarity, etc.

The submissions should shed light on the multiplicity of political and economic developments in Xi’s (new) era, what these developments mean for Chinese workers in ​the coming years, and what possibilities exist for workers to improve their conditions through a growing labour movement.

All submissions should be sent to no later than 1 May 2018. The style guidelines are available at this link.

All submissions will be peer reviewed.

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