Banqueting with the Chinese Mafia: The Temptations and Pitfalls of Doing Ethnographic Research with Elites


John Osburg

Conducting research on and with elites in China comes with its own set of distinct challenges and dilemmas. In this essay, John Osburg expands upon some of these based on his field research experiences with wealthy businessmen, civil servants, and gangsters in a large Chinese city in the early 2000s.


Labour and Rights in an Era of Global Precarity: Views from China

The inaugural Made in China Summer School—‘Labour and Rights in an Era of Global Precarity: Views from China’—will be held on the Island of San Servolo, Venice, from 17 to 21 July 2017. The event will bring together prominent scholars from all over the world for a series of presentations and discussions with students, trade unionists, and NGO activists.


No expertise comes without constant doubt and a willingness to challenge established truths. Chinoiresie represents our attempt to question some of today’s understandings and certainties about China. It blends the image of a ‘chinoiserie’—a foreign interpretation and imitation of Chinese artistic traditions, a term that over time has come to assume the meaning of a clichè, a stereotypical view of China—with the concept of ‘heresy’—an unorthodox view aimed at challenging a given truth.

Edited by Ivan Franceschini, Kevin Lin, and Nicholas Loubere

The Made in China Yearbook series—published in collaboration with ANU Press—offers original articles in which scholars and activists analyse the latest trends in Chinese labour and civil society. With their unique blend of in-depth scholarly work written in a direct, accessible style, these books allow readers to situate current events and policies in a wider context, and therefore serve as an indispensable reference for international activists, practitioners, and policy-makers.